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Polyamide Tape

SyncSol Adhesive

SyncSol ETPT 4790 polyamide tape consists of polyamide film coated with silicon adhesive that make it suitable for insulating copper conductor used in high temperature magnet wire applications. In ETPT 4790, polyimide film does not soften at elevated temperature, thus the film provides an excellent release surface at elevated temperatures. It is dimensionally stable at high temperatures, which helps reduce rework, helping to enable high productivity and is flame retardant, chemical and radiation resistant which helps protect surfaces to help reduce replacement costs. The silicone adhesive’s high temperature performance helps reduce adhesive transfer which helps to eliminate cleaning, enabling high productivity. Polyethylene tape core instead of cardboard

Apart from the above applications ETPT 4790 is used for cryogenic insulation, high temperature masking, protection of circuit board’s gold finger, 3D printing, heat transfer printing, contacts during wave soldering, insulation for transformers, motors and coil, fibre optics cables, solar panels etc.

Industry for Polyamide Tape Application

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